Regulatory Guidance

Those responsible for a district or communal heat network must fulfil a number of obligations in regard to metering and billing.

These have been brought about by The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, which are enforced by the National Measurement and Regulation Office.

The regulations require that owners of multi-let properties with communal or district heat networks register those systems with the NMRO, fit meters, ensure that meter readings are accurate and that billing services are compliant.

The aim is for end users to be fully informed about their consumption.

At Clever Energy we can advise you on how to register your scheme with the NMRO. If you prefer, we can do this on your behalf.

Our billing services meet all of the regulatory requirements so it may be more convenient for you if we take care of your scheme.

We are skilled in assessing communal and district schemes and advising on the most cost-effective and suitable metering and billing solutions for your heat network.

Independent Advisory Services

Clients receive fully independent advice about all aspects of the metering and billing process, regulatory requirements and best practice at every stage of a project – from design specification through to the ongoing operation and management of their heat network.

Unlike some of our competitors, Clever Energy is not tied to a single equipment supplier or product range. We work with numerous types of systems, so we are ideally placed to know the benefits and limitations of the heat metering and pay-as-you-go solutions on the UK market.

Our experts will work with you to improve the delivery, monitoring and performance of your heat network by helping to minimise costs and mitigate risk – from both a financial and reputational point of view – while providing your residents with the best value in terms of service and operation.

Whether you are planning or building a new scheme or updating an existing site, Clever Energy’s solutions will suit all of your needs.

To discuss any of our billing services, simply complete the form & one of our consultants will contact you.

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