What is Communal & District Heat?

Both systems supply energy for heating and hot water to numerous homes from a common source.

This source could be a heat network to a block of flats, or a bigger system supplying many buildings at the same time.

The water is heated in a central plant and is piped to each home via a heat interface unit (HIU).

There are two types of heat networks:

  1. Communal heating – where a central energy plant supplies customers in a single building.
  2. District heating – where a central energy plant supplies several buildings.

Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

A HIU is installed in each home and is linked to a central plant room for the supply of hot water and heating.

There is no need for each home to have its own boiler or gas supply, yet an HIU still provides the resident with complete independence, as they pay only for the energy they consume.

HIUs are highly efficient and are a more environmentally friendly means of supplying energy to individual homes.

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