The C Energy Pre-payment System

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We have created a cutting edge pre-payment system that combines innovative App technologies with the modern requirements of residential developers.

The pre-payment option means landlords have fast access to funds to pay utility bills and to receive reports on individual tenants, which can be used to monitor energy consumption, show credit balances and verify property occupancy levels.

Traditional pre-payment systems have required a capital outlay of up to £700, but we provide all of the required features at a fraction of the cost.

Why the C Energy System is Different

The Energy System can be accessed and controlled by the tenant via an App, online, or over the phone – from anywhere in the world.

The system operates via an external control network which is wired to each cut-off valve. This control network can manage hundreds of separate valves at a time, and is based on real-time usage from each meter.

The system is compatible with every available HIU and meter, is easy to install and commission and can be configured to agreed protocols for vulnerable residents. It can also revert to credit billing if required.

How it Works

On-site technology controls a high-specification valve which is integrated into the HIU or installed externally.

Once an account is resgistered, tenants can top up...or request an engineer call-out from anywhere in the world.

The software communicates with the valve and metering network to operate flow in accordance with credit balance.

The C Energy Display Unit

Download: C Display Unit

Download: C Display User Guide

The C Energy Display Unit affords the resident full and easy access and control to our energy billing system.

It is displayed on the wall in the resident’s home allowing the resident to monitor energy consumption, make payments, report a fault etc. It is essentially the energy hub of the home.

Peace of Mind

Our entire service is backed up by several data centres and is protected by firewalls to ensure 24/7 availability and security.

Contact our team to arrange a demonstration of the system or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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