Tariff Setting, Reviews and Reporting

Tariff setting is an important part of energy management policy, as it helps to achieve the effective recovery of cost.

For example, let’s say we buy gas at 4p/kWh.
We lose half of that gas in the process of converting it to become usable for heating or hot water.

Therefore, it costs 4p to generate 0.5 kWh of heat and so the unit price will be set at 8p/kWh.

Our highly-qualified team specialises in analysing and setting tariffs and regularly reviews them to reconcile the rate with the cost of the gas.

All clients of Clever Energy receive a full monthly building or project report, which is a convenient way of keeping tabs on the performance of their heat networks.

These reports include tariff and charge reviews, details of client fund transfers and advice on the efficiency of their communal heating systems.

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